Our Programs

MEF, through its Board, has adopted the following programs, in keeping with Our Mission, Our Goals and Objectives:


      We believe that the development of good parenting skills and the inclusion of fathers, especially, in the parenting process, serve to strengthen families. We place a lot of emphasis on encouraging fathers to be active in the lives of their children. We provide programs in:

      • Parenting skills
      • Domestic violence prevention
      • Child custody/ visitation advocacy
      • Child support advocacy
      • Obesity/Nutrition
        • To address the growing issue of obesity and poor nutrition among Americans, especially children, MEF, has planted a garden consisting of fresh green vegetables and fruits on the campus of Peary School. The green vegetables and fruits are accessible to the students and the community MEF will also build a track around the garden area to encourage exercise for the students of Peary, as well as he community. MEF provides seminars on diet, nutrition and exercise, from health care professionals and personal trainers.
      • Elder Care
        (emphasizing caring for our aging parents, seniors, as caregivers and health care advocates and financial supporters)

      Our education programs consist of:

      • College ScholarshipsOur general scholarships are awarded to current year high school seniors and adults between the ages of 25 to 40 years who have decided to pursue a college education.

        We annually award an earmarked scholarship for a high school graduate who will attend Howard University in the fall after graduation and for a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School (located on 41st St., Los Angeles).

      • Nursing Scholarships
        specifically designed for those majoring in nursing.
      • Adopt a School Program:
        We have adopted Peary Middle School (Gardena, California) and Thomas Jefferson High School (41st and Hooper Ave., Los Angeles, CA).
      • Tutorial program
      • Mentoring programs
      • Reading with Seniors program
      • College preparation
        (application completion, writing skills,) acquainting students with college options (trade schools, community colleges, state colleges and universities, private colleges and universities), SAT/ACT Prep Classes.
      • Leadership training programs
        preparing students to be leaders
      • Educational and Cultural Enrichment Field Trips/Outings
      • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.)
        Tutorial and Enrichment Programs and Labs

      We address this component by providing programs dealing with:

      • Home ownership, especially for first time buyers
      • Budget/Finance
      • Banking
      • Savings
      • Investments

      Our signature program is our annual Honoring Unsung Fathers Awards and Scholarship Brunch. It is held each year on Father’s Day. This is our major fundraiser to allow us to fund our programs, especially our scholarships. The purpose is to reach out to families in the communities to celebrate fathers and make Father’s Day as special for fathers as is Mother’s Day. We encourage and promote positive fatherhood by spotlighting fathers who accept their role and responsibilities and do it well.

      Awards are given to five fathers, nominated by their families, friends, colleagues, in five categories: Single Father, Married Father, Divorced Father, Village Dad, and Living Legacy (elder father).

      Scholarships are awarded at this brunch also.

      • SPECIAL AWARDS:The Board awards a Founder’s Award to a person selected by the Founder and a Board of Director’s Award to a person selected by the Board. These two men are fathers who have learned to balance career and fatherhood, They are exemplary as fathers and husbands, great providers, of good moral character, no history of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect.


MEF is funded through Board assessments, private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. We accept donations, both financial and in-kind, in any amount, at any time, throughout the year. Donate to MEF Now.